HandyManYourWay Policies and Procedures

A HandyManYourWay representative will explain our policies.

  1. Labor is guaranteed for one full year from date of this contract. This does not apply to material failure. The guarantee is for the labor only.
  2. No liability for consequential damages an any nature or kind.
  3. Warranty repair does not extend the original warranty.
  4. Cost of material is in addition to the labor cost indicated on the contract.
  5. Customer's initials by job(s) authorize craftsman to begin work.
  6. Payment in full is due at the completion of work authorized under this contract.
  7. Customer signature is required upon work completion to indicate that the customer has inspected and accepted the quality and completing of all work performed under contract.
  8. A $30 fee charge will be assessed on all returned checks.
  9. Coupons are applied to labor cost, not materials.
  10. If any unforeseen situations are discovered during job execution, the craftsman will stop all work, advise you and the HandyManYourWay office for direction and approval to proceed with the job.